Monday, December 31, 2012, the day my life will change drastically, i’m going to win that 30 million in the statelottery.
What if I win 30 million …….. I will request a visa for America immediately, sell my house and quit my job.
A couple of days before the lottery i look on the internet for an awesome house in Malibu on the beach, because that’s the place i want to live! And i’ll rent a private jet for my cats to bring them over, because they will not travel in a cage of course, but are allowed to roam freely throughout the plane.
As the lottery gets closer the pressure increases, what if you win the big prize? You’ll probably have lots of friends and my family probably expects to get some money too.
On new Year’s day i check the lottery website to see if I won and guess what …………… nothing, not even my money back. Pouf dream away, back to reality.
In the Netherlands 6.1 million tickets are sold, the probability that you’ll win is around 0.00002%. And yet everyone buy’s a ticket for the statelottery in 2013, because what if you’ll win? What will the house prices in Malibu do in 2013???